University Documentary Film Services

University Documentary Film Services

University Documentary Film Services program teaches, engages in, and presents documentary work grounded in collaborative local and global partnerships that use photography, film/video, audio, and narrative writing to capture and convey memory, life, research, theory, and culture.

  • Coordinates existing documentary film efforts and resources on campus.
  • Provides information and support for producing documentaries.
  • Offers classroom instruction and workshops about basic documentary skills.
  • Archives and disseminates campus documentary projects.

We have professional and semi-professional equipment for faculty to check out for their multimedia or documentary projects.

We provide faculty/staff workshops on basic documentary skills such as camera, audio, interviewing, storytelling and editing skills. Workshops are announced through the faculty/staff development and workshop listserv.

We do not record lectures or presentations, nor do we produce documentaries on request. However, we can provide training and equipment for you or your students to produce multimedia projects.

We provide instructional support for classes requiring documentary production projects as part of their course assignments. We can help provide information about campus resources, storytelling, basic camera skills, interviewing tips and editing. To find out more information about our classroom services, make an appointment prior to the beginning of the semester to schedule class visits. Please note: We recommend documentary projects for smaller class sizes.