As-U-R: Supporting Students with Executive Function Challenges

As-U-R is designed to support students with executive function challenges (EFCs). Executive functions include cognitive processes related to academic and personal success including planning, organization, setting priorities, self-monitoring, task initiation, cognitive flexibility, inhibition/impulse control, emotional control, and working memory. As-U-R provides a comprehensive package of strategy development, skill building, and service coordination focused toward helping students with EFCs. Services provided include:

  • Strategic Tutoring
  • Peer mentoring
  • Drop-in assistance
  • Intensive support & accountability
  • Dedicated quiet rooms in Study Central
  • Access to assistive technology (Livescribe Smart Pen)
  • Transition assistance for incoming students
  • Coordination with other campus resources



Ellen Bunn
As-U-R Director
828-262-6332 (phone)