Getting Started

Getting Started at AppState

To aid with your transition into The Appalachian Community,  we have included a step-by-step checklist and other resources containing information on required paperwork for new employees, how to obtain your AppCard (University ID), and University Parking Permit. 

Jump Into Fall Week

We're so glad you decided to participate in the Jump Into Fall Week sponsored by the App State Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning for Student Success (CETLSS). We hope this will be a supportive time for you to build community and get some work DONE! 

We have a variety of "AppTastic" folks joining us from various colleges, departments, and programs from across campus. We have a range of career levels from first-year to post-tenure professors, along with several VITAL faculty. Due to summer working locations, we have people joining us from different time zones. Some people have not participated in a writing retreat before, while others are seasoned veterans. Some people aim to work on course prep, some hope to write/revise a grant or manuscript, and some plan to work on their tenure documents. But, the one thing we have in common is…

we ALL have some work to do!

New Faculty Orientation

Welcome New Faculty & Instructors! 

Appalachian State University's New Faculty Orientation (NFO) is held once a year in the Fall. New Faculty Orientation 2024 will be held on August 12th and 13th, please plan to spend both days with us, we look forward to seeing you! 

New Faculty Orientation will introduce you to the campus community, aid in course development, and provide you with resources for supporting and engaging our Appalachian students. You will be able to network with fellow new faculty and staff members, current faculty members, and administration. If you want to be added to the new faculty email group, please click here! 

New Employee Orientation (NEO)

Visit New Employee Orientation Site for Upcoming NEO Dates

The Office of Human Resources provides a comprehensive New Employee Orientation and Onboarding course in AsULearn, the University’s online learning management system. As required training for all new, full-time SHRA, EHRA Non-Faculty, and temporary employees, the course may be completed during regularly scheduled work hours. It is designed to introduce new employees to the 4 Cs at App State:

  1. Culture – Campus-wide expectations, customs, rituals, and values. In other words, our “personality” and what it’s like to work here.
  2. Clarification – Job training, departmental onboarding, and setting individual goals and performance expectations with your manager using monthly checklists.
  3. Connection – Developing professional relationships, networking, exploring the campus, and getting involved in the community.
  4. Compliance – The laws, rules, policies, and values all Mountaineers must know and apply on the job.

Step 1: New Employee Paperwork

  1. Login to the PeopleAdmin Module
  2. Use your email address as your username and the temporary password sent to you from Human Resources with the subject line "Employment Forms- Appalachian State University".  You will then be prompted to create a new password.  
  3. Create a new password (be sure to retain this information for future use)
  4. Complete all tasks (forms) in the Needs Attention tab
  5.  Review, sign, and approve all forms (see example below)
  6. ID Verification Requirement:   Visit the Office of Human Resources to present acceptable forms of identification to an HR representative by your first day of employment

Step 2: New Employee Orientation (NEO) **NEO is separate from New Faculty Orientation, hosted by Human Resources **

  1. Contact your new manager to determine the most appropriate orientation and onboarding program.
  2. Monitor your email (the address you used to apply for your position) for a New Employee Orientation Invitation
  3. Attend orientation where you will:
    1. Learn about the topics covered in the orientation
    2. Get your AppCard photo ID
    3. Register for Parking
    4.  Enroll in The State Health Plan (if eligible)

Step 3: 90-Day Online Onboarding Course

  1. Monitor your email account for instructions on how to access the Onboarding Course
  2. Complete all activities and training in the course - topics covered in the onboarding course
  3. Upon completion of the 90-day onboarding period, you will be encouraged to complete a feedback survey as your responses will help us improve the onboarding experience for future new employees


All new hires must report to the Office of Human Resources within their first three days of employment to complete the I-9 employment verification process. Office hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, and an appointment is unnecessary. 

Next Steps

Enroll in Duo 2-Factor Authentication 

Two-factor authentication with Duo is required for all incoming AppState Faculty & Staff.

Note: You cannot access any of our AppState services (such as Google Apps, AsULearn, Banner, Yomart, etc) without enrolling in Duo Authentication first. 

For more detailed instructions, visit the Duo 2-Factor Authentication Help Page

Benefits of 2-Factor Authentication

  • It is the single, most effective step that you can take to keep your AppState accounts secure
  • You only have to update your password once a year (instead of every 90 days)
  • You can use your smartphone for 2-factor authentication


  • Step 1: Logging into Duo
    • After creating your AppState password, you can now login to your Google Apps account or another university service
    • After logging in, you will see the “Start setup” screen to finalize DUO enrollment. 
      • Note: If you do not see this screen, log out and sign in again 
    • Click "Start Setup" 
    • Choose your device (see instructions below for adding multiple devices)
    • Enter your cell phone number with the area code. 
      • Click on the checkbox to confirm the number you entered is correct
      • Click "Continue"
    • Choose your phone type (i.e. iPhone, Android, etc)
  • Step 2: Download Duo Mobile on your smartphone (make sure that the app you download looks like the one you pictured below)

Duo Mobile App screen image

    • When prompted, allow notifications & approve access to your device's camera. When finished, click "I have DUO Mobile Installed."
    • Open up the Duo Mobile App. You'll see "Get Started or "Add account options" 
      • Important: Do not click on anything. Leave this page open and continue to step 3
  • Step 3: Self Enroll in DUO & Add a Mobile Device 
    • On a computer, go to the AppState Duo Self Enrollment page 
    • Enter in your AppState username (without the and password and click the button to Enroll in DUO
    • Follow the on-screen prompts to add a mobile device, mobile phone number, and device type.
    • A barcode (QR Code) will display that will need to be scanned with the DUO mobile App
    • Using your device's camera, hover over the QR Code (the Duo App will automatically scan and add your AppState credentials to Duo Mobile)
      • A green check mark will display over the barcode indicating that the scan was successful. When finished, click "I have DUO Mobile Installed". 

Adding Other Devices

  • Add a landline, office/home phone, tablet, TouchID, or non-smartphone as a device
  • From a computer, Access the Duo settings control panel (you may have to open this link in an incognito/private window or a separate browser if you've recently authenticated with Shibboleth and Duo).
  • Click the Add a new device link
  • Send a push to your phone to authenticate with Duo (anytime you want to add a device or see your devices and settings, you have to authenticate with Duo)
  • Select your desired device from the list and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process.

Don't Forget!

Obtain your AppCard ID 

Procedures for submitting AppCard ID Photos Online

1.  Your photo must be sent using your Appalachian State email address. We cannot accept photos sent from personal email accounts.

2.  In an email with the subject line "Photo for AppCard", please include:

  • Your full legal name (or preferred the first name)
  • Date of Birth
  • Banner ID
  • Attached .jpg photo (see photo submission guidelines below)

3.  Submit your photos to

Once sent, your photo will go through the approval process. You will receive an email once the photo has been received and entered into the approval process. If your photo is not approved, you will be notified by email and must resubmit a new photo. Please make sure to follow the photo submission guidelines below.

4. Please allow 2 hours (Monday-Friday, 8 am - 5 pm) after you email your information as outlined above before picking up your card. The AppCard office is not open on Saturday or Sunday.  

Photo Submission Guidelines

Your ID Card photo must be a current picture of you taken in accordance with the U.S Department of State Passport Standards. See the criteria listed below for photo requirements and unacceptable images.


Photos must be taken on a SOLID WHITE background!

  • Current color photo within last 6 months in .jpg format
  • Orientation of the photo must be correct (if the photo is sideways it will not be accepted)
  • Solid white background:
    • A selfie in front of a white wall or door is acceptable.
    • NO objects in the background allowed!
  • Centered, front view of full face
  • Bright, clear lighting
  • Eyes open and visible
  • Straight face or smile (no exaggerated faces)
  • Wear prescription glasses if you normally do so
  • Head coverings are allowed if you wear them daily for religious purposes (full face must be visible & covering cannot obscure hairline or cast shadows on face)

Photos that do not meet requirements:

  • Wearing a hat, sunglasses, or anything that obscures the face
  • Shadows on the face, glare on glasses, or red eye
  • Other visible people or objects in the photo
  • Props or hand gestures
  • Inappropriate expressions
  • Copyrighted images


Office of Human Resources

330 University Hall Drive
Boone, NC 28607

Contact Information

Deanna Eirich

Stacey Clark

Stephanie Ramsey

Office of Relocation and Dual Career Assistance 

330 University Hall Drive
Boone, NC 28607

Parking Pass Information

Parking and Traffic
461 Rivers Street, Suite A

Campus Maps

Search for any location on campus on this site, which includes links to printable campus maps and emergency resources.