Office of Research

Office of Research

The Office of Research consists of Grants Resources & Services, Sponsored Programs, Research Design and Analysis, and Research Protections. We provide support for the research, creative endeavors, and scholarship of Appalachian faculty and staff. The office offers assistance with finding funding, writing and submitting proposals, preparing budgets, beginning and managing projects, and continued fiscal management of awarded projects. OR also provides the authorized institutional signature for submissions to and awards from external sponsors, including contracts and collaborative agreements. The Office of Research also collaborates with Special Funds Accounting on the fiscal management of awarded projects.


  • Grants Resources & Services (GRS) helps faculty locate grant funding opportunities; provides consultations to help faculty develop their ideas into proposals; offers grantsmanship workshops and editorial assistance to help faculty prepare strong proposals; requests sample funded proposals; and manages the review process for limited submission funding opportunities.
  • Sponsored Programs (SP) offers assistance to both faculty and administrators with the development, internal review, submission, and award management for externally funded activities.  SP negotiates terms and conditions of all externally funded projects, service, or research agreements and prepares, negotiates, and signs subawards to collaborating agencies/organizations. SP provides the authorized institutional signature for submissions to and awards from external sponsors, including contracts, collaborative agreements, etc. SP monitors programmatic project reporting and award management.

  • Research Protections facilitates research and creative endeavors by administering programs that provide ethical and regulatory oversight of research involving human participants, animals, recombinant DNA, radiation, and export control regulations. The Office strives to support innovation and commercialization of research.

  • Research Design & Analysis (RDA) provides input in the design and execution of research to faculty who are engaged in research across the campus. This input includes participating in the development of various operations and procedures for grant and contract submissions.  The RDA also provides guidance and resources to help faculty with the collection, verification, management, and analysis of quantitative/biostatistical/structured and qualitative/unstructured data using a variety of software packages, such as Excel, SAS, SPSS, Stata, and Mplus. 

  • Although Special Funds Accounting (SFA) is not technically part of the Office of Research and reports to the University controller, SP and SFA work closely in the management of sponsored grants and contracts


Office of Research

Dr. Ece Karatan, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Research
828-262-8557 (Phone)
828-262-2641 (Fax)

Organizational Representatives:

Dr. Ece Karatan
Vice Provost for Research
828-262-8557 (Phone)

Kate Hoffman
Executive Assistant
828-262-7459 (Phone)

Karen Fletcher
Director, Grants Resources & Services
(828) 262-7789 (Phone)

Ms. Charna Howson
Director, Sponsored Programs
828-262-7311 (Phone)

Dr. Debra Paxton
Director, Research Protections
828-262-2692 (Phone)

Dr. Twila Wingrove
Director, Research Design & Analysis 
828-262-2272 ext 440 (Phone)